Doris meets the day. She needs a real deal nap, but don’t worry, she’s got plenty of pep still left in her for the migration.
Sketchfab link:

Saudade: a Portuguese word often ascribed to simultaneous presence and an absence, a yearning for something you may never have again but carry with you. This is my official entry for the #TvoriMediumTime contest.

The beloved Koko the signing Gorilla passed away this year and I wanted to dedicate this early tease where you can visit her and she teaches some basic ASL. She's hungry here :)

A Tvori and Medium made piece that centers around controlling your anxiety through breath. Breath to the rhythm of the planets.

A fusion of Gravity Sketch, Tilt Brush and Unity to bring the concept of an exploratory racing game alive.

An experiment in mirror worlds and lives, all done in Quill and Masterpiece VR.

Fun with Medium and Mixamo!

My tribute to the great director Isao Takahata and his masterpiece Grave of the Fireflies.

One of my first forays into Steam VR combining Quill, Substance Painter and Tilt Brush.

Trying my hand at Quill for animation

Portrait of coming into one's own sense of power and agency

My first AnimVR animation and why I fell in love with the software

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